BPD Compliant Fibre Technology for Europe

Biological Research & Testing

Amicor uses internationally recognized test methods to measure the anti-microbial effect of every single new product. Utilizing the right blends of Amicor fibres, individual products are tested and certified to international testing protocols.

Accordingly, Cambridge Entymology & Allergy, UK have measured airborne dust mite allergens in bedding materials as part of achieving their Seal of Approval.

Thai Acrylic Fibre Co., Ltd. operates a Product Stewardship Policy that follows best practice guidelines. Consumers and industry can find assurance in the fact that Amicor has been engineered to take into consideration its lifecycle, end-use and environmental issues.

Amicor additives used to enforce anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties are of the highest purity in pharmaceutical grades and have been notified on the European Biocidals Directive.

Amicor additives have been continuously tested over the thirty-year period that they have been in existence. The additives used in Amicor have a track record of being safe and effective. Amicor fibres are highly effective even against resistant bacteria and bioactive materials.

Controlled Diffusion

Amicor fibre delivers anti-microbial additives in the most safe and effective way. The additives are added to the liquid polymer before the fibres are fully formed, which means that 99.5% of the additive is inside the fibre structure - not just on the surface of the fibre. As the additives are washed and worn away, the fibre structure allows for replacement by slowly diffusing more additive to the fibre surface, thereby maintaining constant activity. Amicor claims upto 100-washes or more than 5 years durability , depending on washing frequency. The slow diffusion mechanism deep within the fibre is the key to Amicor's durability and continuous control.

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