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Healthy Sleep with Amicor
Healthy Sleep with Amicor

Amicor blends beautifully inside pillows, quilts, mattress protectors, blankets, bed linen and covers, mattresses, beds, filling and ticking.

While sleeping, the skin sheds flakes in the bed, this provides an ideal environment for the fungi, Aspergillus repens, to take hold of these skin flakes and turn them into a nutritious food for the dust-mite. By preventing the growth of fungi, the skin flakes remain too dry for the dust-mite to eat and simply turn to dust. As the food source is missing, the mites cannot live and breed inside bedding. Amicor does not affect mites; it is not a harmful pesticide and does not kill mites.

Amicor for Babies & Adults

Statistics in the UK have revealed that 1 in every 5 children are diagnosed with asthma or allergic rhinitis. Babies are particularly vulnerable to dust-mite allergens from the age of six months because this is the point where the immune system inherited from their mother is at its lowest, before their own immune system begins to develop fully. The house dust-mite is said to affect 80% of sufferers, so it is still considered the major cause of indoor allergies. Pets and smoking make the situation even worse.

After six months, the average child's new bed will harbor a colony of mites producing a significant amount of air borne allergens. Amicor helps to prevent allergens at source and provides a safe place for babies to sleep during this sensitive time.

On the other hand, recent statistics indicate that adults are now becoming sensitized at any age - so asthma is not just a problem related to children, but for people of all ages. For those who are already sensitized, Amicor significantly reduces exposure to house dust-mite allergens while sleeping. Amicor provide a healthy indoor sanctuary from allergens night after night.

Safe Sleep Environment with Amicor

Amicor is a leading product and we have invested in a continuous research programme to provide scientific evidence to substantiate our product claims.

1. Prevention of Fungi and Dust Mites

We commissioned research with Cambridge Entymology and with Royal College Worcester to explore the effectiveness of Amicor in commercial blends and their effectiveness in controlling the growth of dust-mites compared with normal bedding without Amicor. It is the anti-fungal additive inside Amicor that is effective against the growth of mites and this is what has been put to the test.

2. Prevention of Allergens

Royal College Worcester measured air borne allergens in bedding with and without Amicor, to prove the effects of Amicor at providing a healthier sleep environment. The World Health Organization has issued guidelines on the levels of air borne allergens that will:

1. Cause sensitization

2. Trigger an asthma attack

Amicor keeps allergens well below both these levels.

Please note: Amicor is not a medication and will not cure - it is a complementary product designed to support the healthcare regime prescribed by the doctor. It simply provides an allergen-controlled environment to sleep in. Individual advice given by the doctor should always be followed.

Consumer Information
  • What does Amicor feel like?

    Amicor is the fibre that goes inside the bedding. It is blended with the normal materials used to make the bedding at around 30% of the blend. It is a fibre that is soft and bouncy inside pillows and quilts, and feels smooth to the touch in blankets and bed linen.

  • Gentle, safe and soft

    Amicor has been tested for skin safety in a trial that compared it alongside polyester and 100% cotton. Amicor actually measured 'less of an irritant than the 100% cotton' samples. Doctors agree, sleeping in an environment that helps prevent allergens at source will help to prevent sensitization for people of all ages and provide an enhanced sleep environment for those who already suffer from this disorder.

  • Does Amicor wear out?

    The Amicor effect in beds and bedding will last for up to 200 washes. It is more likely that bedding items will be replaced well before the Amicor effect has been washed out. In many cases, Amicor products can be washed to keep them clean and fresh.

Consumer Applications
  • All Amicor fibres have been tested by leading ecological testing organisation, Okotex. Okotex test for consumer safety and certify products that will have no harm to humans.
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  • Registration, Evaluation and Authorization of Chemical Substances - EC1907/2006 ; REACH certificate provides assurance that a product has been reviewed by a third party and offers traceability of compliance.
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  • The Seal of Approval is a trade mark owned by allergy UK. The British Allergy Foundation Seal of Approval is licensed to products that have been independently tested by clinical immunologists on behalf of Allergy UK.
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